About Us

Hey guys, welcome to Three Villes Apparel Company. We are a husband and wife duo just starting out in the industry.

You’re probably wondering about the meaning behind Three Villes Apparel Co., right? This is our story.

The three V’s represent three Texas cities that have shaped us into who we are today.

Hey, my name is Cody Poehls, creator and founder of Three Villes Apparel Co. In my free time, I can be found in the great outdoors hunting, fishing, or working with my hands. This, combined with my fascination with numbers, I pursued and completed a degree in AgriBusiness at Tarleton State University. Now let’s get started!

The first city is my childhood home, Bruceville, TX. This is the town where I grew up, and my parents laid the foundation for me to create a successful life for myself and my future.

Next up is the small East Texas town of Clarksville, TX. This city allowed me to grow in my independence and put my knowledge to the test. This was where I settled into my first full time job straight out of college, and had the unique opportunity to operate a catfish farm. Being raised in a small central Texas town, I had grown accustomed to being close to all of my family. Moving to Clarksville put me 4 hours away from my closest family member. As hard as it was to move away, I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities from the trials I had to face alone. This ultimately made me into the confident man I am today.

Hi everyone, I’m Blaine Poehls, co-creator and founder of Three Villes Apparel Co. I love being behind the lens of a camera or doodling on my iPad. So now I get to combine my hobbies with creating stuff for YOU! I grew up in the Agriculture world showing cattle and cooking through 4-H. This led me to Tarleton, choosing my degree in nutrition, and meeting my now husband. 

Now enough about me, let’s move onto our last city, Stephenville, TX, where this dynamic duo began! We met while we were both attending Tarleton State University. Like every modern day love story, it all started with a Facebook message and the rest was history! The craziest part about us meeting in Stephenville was that our childhood homes were less than 10 miles from one another. While Cody was in Clarksville, I stayed in Stephenville to finish my degree in Nutrition. The distance between us just created a stronger bond between us. We were married in 2019, and made the decision to stay in the city where we first met. Stephenville has had the biggest impact on both of our lives. This is why we have chosen to represent it as the centerpiece of our logo, the largest V.

Our life has come full circle and we are now back in Bruceville. This will give us the opportunity to lay the foundation for our children to create a successful life of their own. 

So here we are: making dreams come true while living our best lives with our little boy and two fur children.